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The industry and services market is the first that had to deal with the tightening of the market, and accordingly for first it adopted countermeasures aimed at containing costs and the development of products and services with higher added value.The ability of CSP to follow its own business model to the needs of the market and its customers has been an important competitive advantage, making the company a more attractive partner and closest to the needs of today’s customer.CSP, together with its customers, has been able to use IT as a lever to reduce costs by implementing innovative projects with important results such as the development of an EDI (electronic data interchange) platform for the automated management of the entire active cycle of the chain electrical equipment.


Thanks to projects like this customers and suppliers belonging to the chain, could benefit from automated processes not only significantly reducing the costs associated with the traditional process, but also ancillary costs related to the reduction of delivery times and greater accuracy of the delivered material compared to the order received.

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