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For over 20 years CSP has been a partner of public administration. In recent years the increasingly difficult economic environment, led public companies and local authorities to cope with the complex demands of drastic reduction of spending and investment and a simultaneous demand from the central government and the citizen, of even better services and more oriented to a more advanced and dynamic social context.

The management of the PA is still facing complex choices, economic and financial, and today, more than ever, needs the support of partners such as CSP, which can read the time of transition and propose with services and innovative models that enable the reduction of the spending and the simultaneous improvement and expansion of the range of the services offered.

CSP has revised and reformulated its offer, proposing a new model to the PA, more oriented to the needs of today. The proposal covers several areas:



  • Dematerialization of building practice
  • Taxation and tax
  • Territorial systems
  • Contact Center Management
  • Fleet Management System
  • Energy saving solutions (MEC)



  • Dematerialization of medical records
  • Telemedicine and patients tracking systems
  • Business intelligence and datawarehouse
  • Health mobility
  • Document Management

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