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The increased competitiveness of our economy and globalization has progressively shifted the focus of private and public companies from the sale of its products and services to after-sales services that increasingly marked the success or failure of a company. In this context, you should read the birth of contact center services aimed at bringing the company to its public gathering their feelings, needs and problems. The proliferation of ways to communicate in our era (telephone, email, regular mail, and physical branches) gave birth to advanced contact centers to which it is required to know more and more how to speak the language of the company being its point of contact to the outside world.



CSP’s call / contact center today has 50 stations and operators capable of performing all the activities included in an evolved contact management service. In particular, CSP’s service center has highly qualified personnel in the management of some issues of banking and insurance type that provide service to a specific connotation particularly suitable to the finance scope. CSP operators have therefore developed over the years of high professional skills, both as regards the formation of industry, both from the point of view of the management of the call, the quality of the response and the duration of the conversation, reaching excellent levels of productivity recognized from their customers. The Inbound assistance activity involved the retirement pensions, management staff severance indemnities, 730, credits and mutuality fields in addition to the traditional Outbound activities of informative and marketing type.


The following features summarize some of the services offered by CSP’s contact center:

  • ACD (Automatic Call Distribution): Le chiamate in entrata vengono instradate verso il gruppo di operatori. Grazie a sistemi di SKILL BASED ROUTING è possibile associare alla chiamata entrante determinate caratteristiche di professionalità ed in base a queste instradarla all’operatore più idoneo a gestirla.
  • Gestione delle code intelligenti: ogni contatto possiede una priorità differente in base alle impostazioni di sistema.
  • CTI (Computer Telephony Integration): “Screen pop”, grazie al quale l’operatore dispone in tempo reale sullo schermo del suo computer le informazioni “storiche” del cliente che in quel momento sta chiamando migliorando il servizio finale.


It ‘s established that companies that decide to appoint a specialized company the business of call and contact centers have several advantages over an internal management.

  • Reduced costs: companies can save between 20% and 40% by outsourcing the activity;
  • Greater focus on core business. contact centers are born for customer service, they select appropriate resources and forms them for the purpose. While customer service is fundamental to the success of the organization, it is important to focus on key areas such as production, sales and distribution. Outsourcing allows you to invest more time and effort in the core activities;
  • Scalability of the service: the increase of the activities requires an adequate dimensioning of the service without having to grow up with own resources;
  • Expert advice. Highly qualified and trained staff ensures that the customer is satisfied.

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