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Companies of all sizes typically manage large amounts of documents in paper format daily. Documents are the primary vehicle by which information is shared both inside and outside the company with a network of partners, customers and suppliers. Documents are part of the business processes and must be managed and retained for consultation requirements and in compliance with applicable regulations. This involves:

  • maintaining physical archives of large dimensions, occupation of public spaces;
  • long search times of paper documents;
  • inability to quickly share information on paper;
  • lack of control over business processes;

In general, the management of information and processes by paper creates inefficiencies, waste of time and resources.



CSP’s solution is based on a process and a document management platform of properties that is capable of:

  • treat large volumes of documents with high quality;
  • keep the original documents in safety at its facilities and ensure the integrity of the paper as a result of the processing steps;
  • recognize and classify automatically and reliably different types of documents within a folder (for example a health clinic folder, building practice);
  • index documents based on criteria selected by the customer and extract the contents using character recognition techniques, are extracted and the information contained in the documents are made available;

CSP thanks to its tradition of consulting firm in information technology is also able to customize the solution according to the needs of customers and integrate document management solutions with complex applications or solutions for business process management.


CSP provides a document management solution fully outsourced with all the necessary service components:

  • collection, transportation and storage of physical documents;
  • high-quality scanning and indexing;
  • automatic recognition and classification of different types of documents;
  • extracting the contents of the documents through character recognition;
  • document management platform accessible via web;
  • customization of the search criteria of the documents according to customer requirements;
  • respecting the regulations and assumption of responsibility for the preservation.

In this way, the client may delegate to CSP the document process management and responsibility according to the law. CSP is also able, through their consultants to assist customers in re-engineering of business processes and simplify the management of the cycle documents.


CSP’s document management solutions enable to obtain:

  • reduction in employment physical spaces for archives;
  • access to the information content contained in the documents;
  • classification and automatic organization according to the type of document;
  • ability to perform complex searches on the archive, getting results in real time;
  • complete outsourcing management without the need of investment in hardware and software from customers;
  • integration with customers’ existing applications.

CSP’s solutions are designed to support the business processes of customers by providing greater speed of execution and cost savings.

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