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Today private and public companies are increasingly using corporate fleets for the conduct of its activities and services. The management of a fleet is complex and detailed and, if not controlled, it can lead to high costs, difficult to predict under budget phase. CSP’s solution of Fleet Management System (FMS) is able to support the company in fleet management of large or contained size by providing the management information on its fleet and the use made of it.



The Fleet Management System CSP is an integrated platform of hardware and software that retrieves, in real time, a number of parameters and information on the use of vehicles and driving behavior of the operators. It also allows the management of the fleet in its complexity by managing the information related to:

  • Maintenance deadlines
  • Car taxes and insurance
  • Mileage and maintenance carried out
  • Amortizations
  • Different types of contracts (lease, rental and purchase)

It also allows you to engage in tracking, very important in the provision of logistics services. The integration with My Fleet GPS locators that can be used for localization, logistics, security, and advanced security (driver recognition engine block and allows to insert different alarms / detectors) is an additional distinguishing feature.


FMS enables fleet management to 360 degrees on the field means integrating with enterprise systems of accounting and providing management with a collection of information to support decisions. From a management point of view the system keeps track of everything related to the life cycle of the vehicle, from its purchase until the sale. To this basic module, modules which provide information in support as incident management, of sanctions, of fuel cards, assigning personnel and reporting, are associated. The extension of FMS has led to a real time tracking tool to be among the market leaders with more than 20 customers who are actively using it.


Often corporate fleets, especially in public administration, are an item of large expense and hard to control. CSP’s Fleet Management Systems supports the company in the efficient and effective management of its fleet allowing granular control of all the expenses that are associated with a vehicle and are beyond the control of the fleet growth.

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