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Printing, storage and consultation of paper in businesses of today are considered expensive activities, "time consuming" and low value-added. This combination of factors has generated the need to replace the documents with their digital images in order to benefit from it more easily at lower costs. Furthermore, the possibility now granted by law to dematerialize paper documents and proceed to their substituted filing allows private companies and public administrations substantial savings in costs and resources that can be directed to activities that are more profitable.


Distinctive Features

From the mid-90s CSP has developed its own document management solution on which it has based its substitute filing solution according to the criteria and methods required by law. The solution, supplied in a "Software As a Service" allows the company clients to take advantage quickly of their paper documents in electronic format and stored in the expected modalities. The underlying process can be customized according to the needs of the customer.



The main activities that a document management system , associated with substitutive filing, plays are as followed:

  • Scanning and Indexing
  • Affixing single digital signature
  • Affixing massive digital signature
  • Affixing timestamp
  • Production of the documents
  • Managing Volumes of conservation
  • Management and imprint calculation for the tax office


The benefits of an integrated solution for replacing storage are essentially of two types. The first is linked to the reduction of costs. Storage, preservation, spaces that you can devote to other activities, paper and consumables no longer needed are just some of the items that the company sees dramatically reduced. The second type is linked to greater efficiency in processes and therefore the quality of the services / products offered by the company. The rapid retrieval of documents and information they contain, the speed of response to customers, partners and suppliers, the ability to dedicate staff to activities with higher added value and better organization are some examples of the impact of de materializing life daily enterprise. All this adds extra security to all the stakeholders starting from the shareholders and the company's legal responsibility to supervisory bodies as well as a better company image to the outside in terms of organization and customer service.

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