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The constant evolution of ICT has led to an exponential growth of produced data. Compared to just a decade ago, the management does not complain the lack of more data but, ironically, too much data and the difficulty of navigating through them to make sound business decisions. Business Intelligence becomes indispensable in order to effectively analyze the wealth of transforming raw data into information and knowledge for decision support.



CSP, thanks to the long experience gained with clients belonging to different sectors, represents the ideal partner for the Analysis and the Development of Business Intelligence projects. CSP is a SAS Certified Partner and is constantly oriented to innovation and on BI topics, encompassing for example the use of in- memory analysis tools and Big Data. The long experience as Systems Integrator has allowed us to consolidate a considerable competence in the stages of integration with External Information Sources and Management of complex data.


CSP is able to support the client at all stages of a Business Intelligence project. In particular, our experience enables us to face a BI project in a logical end-to-end providing customers with targeted solutions:

  • Analysis of available information sources
  • Integration with existing enterprise systems
  • Design of data warehouse solutions
  • Creation of reporting tools and their distribution
  • Creating dashboards and dynamic dashboards for each business function
  • Maintenance and constant evolution of the developed solutions


It’s very difficult to estimate the benefits of an integrated system of business intelligence. This difficulty derives from the fact that systems of decision support, well designed and implemented, allow management to act with greater awareness impacting on the entire structure of the company, both on the organizational and on the economic structure of asset. The main benefit for the final customer is represented by the real possibility of creating a link between IT processes and tools, in order to integrate and harmonize the goals of management with business strategies. The possibility to quickly access and in a structured manner to all the information will allow to quickly reply to the business demands of the market, being able to make effective decisions in even more rapid and effective means of ensuring each business area.