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Modern businesses operate for processes that can be formalized or linked to organizational practices. In the current market, characterized by strong competition and high dynamics, have lean and efficient processes ensure a competitive advantage and allows you to:

  • More effectively respond to customer inquiries;
  • React more quickly to changing market conditions;
  • Produce goods and services at lower cost with higher quality.

It’s also essential to be able to govern the processes through a system of measurement and control to verify the operation of the organizational machine at all times.



CSP has expertise in the development of software solutions, service delivery and managing complex projects. Thanks to this mix of experiences, CSP can deal with their own resources all stages of a project of business process management. The 360-degree approach to a project of business process management is made more effective thanks to the experience gained over the years and the availability of tools and software tools for workflow management and the creation of dashboards internally developed and customized according to customer requirements.


Business Process Management is a set of activities that use software and services to ensure efficiency and flexibility to business processes. CSP provides consulting activities within the business process management using a proven methodology that provides an intervention according to the following steps:

  • business analysis: analysis and mapping of existing processes;
  • business process reengineering: redesigning processes with a view to greater efficiency and control and to align with business objectives;
  • automation of processes through workflow management applications;
  • monitoring of processes: definition of business indicators and their representation through dashboards.

The customer can engage CSP in one or all stages of the process described by delegating the responsibility of the intervention on business processes.


The main benefits linked to a draft business process management are:

  • mapping of existing processes and verification of adequacy;
  • redesigning processes with a view to greater efficiency and alignment with business objectives;
  • process automation;
  • measurement and performance monitoring;
  • lower costs, greater flexibility and responsiveness to changing market conditions.

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