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The obligations set by law for electronic invoicing have imposed on private companies and bodies of pubblic administration to adapt their procedures in order to interchange electronic invoices. As indicated by Agenda Digitale Italiana (Italian Digital Agency), any public or private company will have to quickly adopt platforms, able to handle, in its various facets, all the billing process (active and passive).



CSP, in 2008, has created a platform integrated EDI (Electronic Data Interchange), which now allows us to manage a volume of about 500,000 documents per month in the sector of electrical equipment. The EDI platform of CSP is now able to electronically manage the entire lifecycle of orders by automating the various stages:

  • Order
  • Order confirmation
  • Shipping notice
  • Invoice


Through the use of EDI framework, CSP proposed itself in the implementation of projects and services:

  • Electronic Invoicing;
  • Integration projects of document flows, both structured and unstructured in the Finance, Utilities, Public Administration fields;
  • Implementation of EDI platforms for districts, consortia, Corporate.


The owner framework EDI, already well established in the energy world, allows to cover all the needs and peculiarities of each company by standardizing the communication paths, to manage the scheduling of processes, to have a report panel used for the analysis of information content. The automated management of the entire order cycle (order, order confirmation, delivery note, invoice), compared to a traditional management has brought the following benefits:

  • 82% savings on the entire order cycle;
  • 80% reduction in non-compliance and therefore greater effectiveness of service and cost savings.


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