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In today’s competitive scenario, market dynamics are accelerated. Companies are constantly looking for solutions and new tools that can enhance the competitiveness and accelerate the reaction times. Also to say a new paradigm for which no work is performed only when you are sitting at your desk, but anywhere in mobility. Nowadays it’s assumed to have access to an email account from anywhere. Companies increasingly feel the need to be able to use a lot more mobile applications to be able to respond more quickly to their customers, access to business data in real time to make decisions.



CSP’s mobile solutions are based on many years experience in various market sectors. CSP has a frame work of development on which it develops the solution according to the needs of the customer by integrating the best components on the market from time to time. CSP’s approach can be the complete solution starting from the analysis of customer processes and business objectives or in specific areas such as the creation of management reports or adaptation of existing applications to be accessible on mobile devices. CSP is able to operate on all mobile platforms and the variety of devices, in addition to the implementation of the solutions it can also support the customer in procurement and management of mobile devices.


CSP provides consulting services for the deployment of applications and mobile services, in particular in the areas of:

  • Sales force automation
  • Management Information Systems.

The sales force automation solutions allow the sales force on the territory to manage more effectively the sales process from the generation of contacts, visits to the formulation of proposals, analysis of customers. CSP is able to create customized solutions according to the needs of different market sectors and, where necessary integrating existing applications. The directional information solutions allow you to create dashboards synthesis for the benefit of managers and decision makers to represent in real-time, key data and indicators required for the company government. With the ability to log in from any location and any device with corporate data, you can make timely decisions with the best information to support.


Mobile solutions allow you to get several benefits including:

  • real-time access to relevant information to make decisions;
  • data access from any mobile device in any location;
  • integration with existing applications to enhance the investments already made;
  • custom approach to the needs of customers;
  • solutions developed according to the best components on the market.

All this guarantees the companies the ability to act faster and more effectively, to meet the customers’ demands and the demands of the market.

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