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In the context of a highly competitive market, private companies and Public Administrations are in the position of having to offer its customers and citizens better and better products and services at competitive costs. Most large successful companies have relied on technological innovation to achieve a distinctive advantage, product or service in relation to its competitors. Also in Italy, you begin to see ICT as an opportunity for growth and differentiation rather than a simple variable cost. In this context it is evident that it’s important for every business, be it private or public, to focus on their core business by making alongside reliable and competent partners capable of transforming investments in durable competitive advantages.



CSP, since 1977, stands out for having supported its customers by supporting the development and changes that the market has proposed over the past 40 years. The ability to read the change before others and to adapt to it by offering its customers products and solutions that are always updated to the needs of the moment are the characteristics that have enabled the company to evolve with the market while remaining current and respecting their values. ICT always requires competent and technologically updated partners and who have gained significant experiences in the fields of customer reference. Starting from the mainframe world, essential in today in the banking and insurance sectors, the company now supports innovation projects leveraging the best that technology offers working on all major products and frame work of development known (Java, Microsoft, Android , IOS) in the Italian and foreign markets. The wide experience makes CSP technology partner to entrust with their innovation projects.


In order to focus on its core business the customer should always be able to count on its partner. For this reason, CSP is proposed as a Systems Integrator able to take on the burdens and risks of the project, by the preferred mode of the company in assisting its customers. Over the years, many customers equipped themselves with ICT facilities, relevant both in terms of skills and size. In these cases, CSP supports the development of design and technological innovation by participating in customer projects with competent and expert resources that they can complete the customer experience ensuring the expected result.


At the speed at which technology advances in the current landscape, technological upgrading is costly and continuous. That’s why our customers rely on CSP which, since its inception, has always made of innovation its strength. In addition, the experience gained on over more than 100 customers, of which at least 80 active, allows our consultants to bring value not only technological but also functional that allows customers to take advantage of this experience and maximize their results by relying on technological innovation to obtain a competitive advantage.

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